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The Mission Police Department is located at 1200 E. 8th St., Mission, Texas. It employs over 197 employees and has a 24 hour Operating Patrol Bureau.

The Mission Police Department is encompassed by various branches which are implemented to attain the overall mission of the organization. Each branch consists of motivated police officers who support and are generally concerned for the entire community and its well being.


Parade Fun & Safety Tips for the Upcoming Parade of Oranges

Saturday - January 28, 2017 - 3 PM.

Parade will run North to South on Conway starting at FM 495- south to 4 th Street.

Plan to Get There Early

This is pretty much a basic rule. Waiting until the last minute will almost certainly get you a spot near the back of the crowd.

The best way to gauge what time you need to get to your spot is to take a walk down the parade route two hours before the parade. Most people want the right spot, so if you see people beginning to stake out their spots, it's best you take claim to your own. Once a few begin taking seats, others will follow suit quickly, so scope out your spot quickly and claim it.

Avoid the "Bad Spots"

There are simply some spots you're going to want to avoid. Avoid sitting near the corner of any sidewalks as this is where they usually place parade walk-throughs. Another spot to avoid is directly in front of the doors of any shops or restaurants. No matter where you sit, you're going to have people step over you, but there is always much more traffic just in front of the doors.

Bored Children

It may be too much to ask for your children to remain still and calm until the parade starts. There are several ways to insure your child isn't too taxed by having to sit around too long. If you're traveling with two or more adults, one adult can watch your spot while another adult takes the kids for a short walk or to a nearby shop. Bring along coloring books and healthy snacks. This can help kids channel their energy into something constructive until time for the parade arrives.

Avoid putting your child on your shoulders

Doing so can put both you and your child in danger. Crowds can move unexpectedly, making it easy for your child to be knocked over or for you to lose your balance and trip.

Lost Children

You probably don't want to think about your child getting away from you but it happens. Take your children's picture with your cell phone before you head out for the day. If something happens you can show police exactly what he/she looks like and what they are wearing. Always tell your children to find a police officer if they are lost.


Make sure you keep your kids behind the barricades/caution tape. No one should walk next to or near floats or vehicles on the parade routes. Barricades/caution tape are there for a purpose, the safety of parade -goers.

The main thing to remember when attending is to be safe, have fun, and enjoy all the colorful floats, marching bands and performers.

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